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    application guidelines for Ikuta Cup

    IKUTA CUP 2019 

    2019年の情報です。 本年度の開催情報はホームページトップからご確認ください

    The 1st Nagoya International Guitar Competition  ”IKUTA CUP”
    will be held in this Nov 30th 2019!!

    A completely new style competition! 
    There are 3 categories for all Generation.
    General category seeks to find guitarists who can perform concerts at any age and provide opportunities. 

    Junior category opens for children under 15years old.

    Amateur category will be held for the purpose of making the existence of the guitar in your life more meaningful as a revelation.  Please read from the QR in the lower right for details.  

    Primary round
    (Recording or youtube)

      ・General category: Free choice of the pieces (within 10 minutes )

      ・Junior category: Free choice of the pieces (within 5 minutes )

      ・Amateur category: Free choice of the pieces (within 6 minutes) 

    How to apply?

    Please specify the matters of(1)~(6)in the main text, and attach the  recording or video, or send YouTube link to the following  e-mail address.  




    (4)Telephone number

    (5)E-mail address

    (6)song titles, composer name, arranger name of the free pieces at the final round

    A maximum of 10 to 15 people can participate in the final round of each category.  The recording can be duplicated with the piece of final round.  

    The application deadline is 9/30 (Monday), and the result of the finals will be chosen sent by e-mail in about one week. 

    E-mail address: nigcsince2019@gmail.com (Ikuta)

    applicants must pay the entry fee ¥ 3,000 for the 1st round when submitting the recording or youtube link, then pay the fee of  ¥ 7,000 for the final round after passing through the final round. 

    About the international entries, please send a email for further guidance. 

    Final Round  (live performance)

    ・General category

     Set piece(details below)

     Free choice of the pieces (within 10 minutes)

    The set piece will be decided by lottery on November 16th from these 3 pieces below, and competitors can choose whether they play the set piece with or without the music stand.

     * dedicatoria (E. Granados)

     * Allegro from Unaccompanied Violin Sonata No. 2, BWV 1003 (J.S. Bach) (without repeat)

     * Sarabande (F. Poulenc) 

    ・Junior category

     Free choice of the pieces (within 5 minutes )

    ・Amateur category

     Free choice of the pieces (within 6 minutes)

    The duration must including tuning time between songs on each category.

    Date and Venue?

    November 30th sat. 2019 

    Ark Sakae Salon Hall 2-12-12 Sakae Naka-ku, Nagoya ,Aichi ,Japan

    Ark Sakae Shirakawa Building 2nd floor.


    General Category 

    1st prize:70,000 yen  and  3 concerts(values approximately 100,000yen for 3 concerts) planned for 3 locations in Nagoya and suburban cities in 2020

    2nd prize:20,000 yen 

    3rd  Prize:10,000 yen

    Each category winner: free Lesson from the guest artist on 12/1 (Sunday) or 2020  Invitation as a student to NGF-sponsored guitar course (1 course)


    Planned jury: Gen Matsuda, Gaku Yamada, and Kenji Ito , Gian marco Ciampa and more coming..


    nigcsince2019@gmail.com (Naoki Ikuta)